Wednesday, September 28, 2016

stone symposium 4 Oct 22nd 1 pm at Opus 40

Stone Symposium IV
Saturday October 22nd 1-6 pm

The Symposium will take place at Opus 40 , located at 50 Fite road in

Saugerties New York

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10$ admission to Opus 40 includes entry to the Symposium

During this day long conversation concerning the extensive  native and

ancient quarrying that took place in our local area, the various
speakers will bring their expertise and knowledge to Opus 40, the
unique and important quarry based sculptural environment of Harvey
Fite, in order to shed light on how the people before us have altered
the stony landscape for purposes both functional and sacred. Once the
enormous amount of built stone structures, the mountains of stacked
stones and quarried water reservoirs that run from Saugerties up
through the  Paleolithic Flint Mines of Coxsackie and beyond are
properly looked at and connected, we may begin to sense and fathom an
earth-scaping project that took much more time then  the brief
bluestone industry would of allowed.

 featured speakers-

Glenn Kreisberg is a radio frequency engineer,  researcher, and writer

and has  edited 2 volumes of a Graham Hancock Reader including “
Mysteries of the Ancient Past”. The title of his forthcoming book is:
“Spirits in Stone: Lost Landscapes and Hidden Legacy of Northeast
America” will be published soon by Inner Traditions

Evan Pritchard  is the founder of The Center for Algonquin Culture. He

is the author of “Native New Yorkers, The Legacy of the Algonquin
People of New York”, “No Word For Time, the
Way of the Algonquin People”, and his most recent: “Bird Medicine, The
Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism” also put out by Inner Traditions

Linda Zimmermann is author of over 30 books on anomalous subjects, her

most recent is entitled “Mysterious Stone Sites in the Hudson Valley
of New York and northern New Jersey”

Teresa Bierce is a longtime investigator of local lithic curiosities

and is the Western Connecticut coordinator for NEARA (New England
Antiquities Research Association)

David Johnson is a Past President of the Orange County Chapter of the

New York State Archaeological Association. He is currently researching
stone sites in the Woodstock area, the  Chaco Canyon region of the
South West and the Nazca sites in Peru.

Matt Bua is author of the book: “Talking Walls: Casting Out the

Post-Contact Stone Wall Building Myth” which has a focus on the area
of Kiskatom in the town of Catskill.

Philip C. LaPorta is geologist and archaeologist who is executive

director of The Center for the Investigation of Native and Ancient
schedule(subject to change)
1::15 Matt Bua intro- welcoming
> 1:45  Teresa Bierce
   2:15- Philip laPorta
> 2:45: David Johnson
> 3:30  Evan Pritchard
> 4:15 Linda Zimmerman
> 5:30  Glenn Kreisberg