Friday, November 28, 2014

Stone Symposium III- Saturday, December 13th

2 Presentations and Book Launch

Glenn Kreisberg: Mission Malta- Exploring the Sound and Energy Properties of Ancient Architecture

Matt Bua- The Mapping of a Prehistoric Stone Site in Catskill NY
Book Launch
Talking Walls: Casting Out the Myth That All Stone Walls of the North East Were Built Post-Colonially
8 pm
at Print.Studio. Hudson in Catskill
460 Main Street Catskill NY 12414
free and open to the public
more up to date Print Studio news can be  seen:
Glenn Kreisberg; editor of the Author of the Month page at, is a radio frequency engineer, writer, researcher, and licensed outdoor guide and currently serves as the vice president of the New England Antiquities Research Association( The author of numerous articles and papers, including Lithic Mysteries of the Northeast, he is the founder and editor of the alternative science and history website He lives in Woodstock, New York, with his wife and two children.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Upcoming Lectures

Sunday, September 28th, 2014
at the Bascom Lodge
Talking Walls - Casting Out The Myth That All Stone Walls Were Build Post-Colonially, with Matt Bua"
In The Lobby At 6pm, Event Is Free
The dry stacked stonewalls focused on in this lecture do not enclose land, are built on massive foundations (ruling out field clearing piles) and terminate at streams and marshes.  Many exist where land has not been cultivated in the past.  An array of uncontested North American ancient stonewall complexes will be presented as well as correlations to stones walls and their usages from around the world. 


Some spring 2014 shots

Cairn on ground
Embrasure in Wall Surrounding Notched Boulder