Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Colonial "Walls" or Massive Lanscaping and Water Works of an Ancient Stone Civilization

When I first encountered the stone rows on my property I took peoples explanation blindly that they were all of post- colonial origin. Not once walking the length of the rows to find that none of them enclose land. As many people have pointed out, they almost always terminate at a marsh or stream. I was always curious why one section of the stone row curved before it reached the stream and a series of indentions in the ground continued the straight path of the row. I removed the leave debris and loose stones from the hole next to the stone row and was surprised that the row's stone base just kept going down. I eventually reached water. (A Wall or an Ancient Water System ? This is where I stopped. The base of the row had not been reached. As i began following more rows to where they terminated at the water, I started noticing the water outlet rock formation. Nearby there is a rolling farm field and at the lowest corner of the land there is a beefy L-shaped stone formation with a single stone row that connects to it acting to , what I believe, channel water further down the hill where it eventually connects with the stream. Have a look next time your at a stone row/water source meeting place. Let me know if you can find the outlet.

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